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Durivage Manufacturing and Pattern Plant

Since Durivage Pattern & Manufacturing Inc. customers require both interstate and intrastate, as well as international transportation of goods, Durivage closely monitors all shipping and customs regulations and requirements to ensure that your product arrives at its destination without undue delay.

Durivage Pattern and Manufacturing facility is conveniently located in Williston, Ohio, just east of Toledo and minutes from Interstates 75, 80 and 90, within 50 minutes of Toledo Express Airport, and approximately 80 minutes to Detroit Airport.

This modern 27,000 sq. ft. plant is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machining and fabricating equipment to ensure the production of high quality products that consistently meet customer's accuracy standards. Durivage also has extensive indoor storage facilities for both raw materials and finished goods to further guarantee quality will not be sacrificed by exposure to the elements.

Map of vicinity surrounding Williston, Ohio


DP Initials

Durivage Pattern & Mfg. Inc.
20522 State Route #579
Williston, OH 43468

Phone: 419.836.8655
Fax: 419.836.7100
ISO-9001:2000 Registered; Hub-Zone Certified

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