Quality Control Department

Checking is a vital part of Quality ControlOur Quality Control Department oversees every project from initial design.... through manufacture and delivery. They perform tests on raw materials and comprehensive inspections at strategic points during manufacturing.

They are also responsible for calibration of our production tools, gauges, CNC controls and computer systems.

As each phase of the design process is monitored and checked in-house, the same data is sent directly from the computer, via internet, to the customer for evaluation.

When a project has been completed, and accepted, all design and manufacturing data pertaining to it is stored.

All of these measures work together to guarantee that the final product will meet or exceed the rigid accuracy and quality standards required by the customer.



Durivage Pattern is a ISO-9001:2000 registered company to assure our customers that we will supply a quality product that will meet or exceed their expectations. Our quality system is continuously being audited and updated to assure the upmost quality.

DP Initials

Durivage Pattern & Mfg. Inc.
20522 State Route #579
Williston, OH 43468

Phone: 419.836.8655
Fax: 419.836.7100
E-mail: information@durivagepattern.com
ISO-9001:2000 Registered

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