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Durivage Pattern has a traditional model and pattern shop with skilled employees. We can build models off of drawings, mylars, concept sketches or off of cad data. We can build models off of CNC or combination of hand built and CNC built. Our department can build core boxes, cope and drag plates, CMM checking fixtures with certified attributes, prototype plastic molds and tooling, duplicating aids, temporary sawing and routering fixtures, checking gauges, checking rings, mockup parts, display racks, fixturing nests, templates, laminates as well as wooden molds.

Certified Check Fixture

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Durivage Pattern & Mfg. Inc.
20522 State Route #579
Williston, OH 43468

Phone: 419.836.8655
Fax: 419.836.7100
ISO-9001:2000 Registered

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