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Kuraki Machine: Capacity-118 inches in X, 52 inches in Y, 41 inches in Z

Durivage Pattern maintains its leading edge by staying current with state of the art technology in the cnc equipment and training of our highly skilled operators and machinist. Durivage has the capabilities of cutting up to 11,000 pound capacity with our 3-axis machining center that can accommodate dimensions of 52" wide by 118" long. There are also numerous full 3-axis machining center with 20" x 40" travel and 30" x 60" travel. There is also a 4-axis horizontal dual pallet machining center that can meet your needs. The CNC department is completely tooled and ready to handle any project.   Durivage also maintains state of the art technology with continuous 5-axis hi speed machining.
5 Axis Hi Speed Machining




Durivage Pattern also has the capability of digitizing capabilities in one of our machining centers with capacity of 52" x 118" or 30" x 60". Once a part is digitized it can be mathematically manipulated (1:1, male to female, wall stocked + or -, mirrored, copied, rotated) and machined. Digitizing is useful for new construction as well as changes to existing parts.

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