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Durivage Pattern & Mfg. Inc.
20522 State Route #579
Williston, OH 43468


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The Company is not limited to the following capabilities:

Design and build custom blow molds
Checking gages and fixtures
Models and pattern equipment
Concept/mockup models
3-D programming and CNC machining
General machining
Part design

Low volume - Mid volume production machining
Holding-secondary fixtures
4-axis horizontal CNC machining
Prototype tooling and parts
3-D digitizing and programming
Gun drilling


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Aluminum mold with hole punches and completed partDurivage Pattern and Manufacturing, Inc.
20522 State Route #579
Williston, OH 43468
Phone: 419-836-8655
Fax: 419-836-7100
Email: information@durivagepattern.com

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